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Plus size woman wearing fitted jeans

What Shapewear Works Best Under Jeans?

Cast your mind back to your first love. No, not Simon in the Upper Sixth – your first real love. The love you had for that first pair of jeans that were simply perfect. That fitted like they were made for you; that were right for any occasion, day or night. Then they broke your heart and got ripped or worn through – and you’ve never quite found another pair like it! 

This is the strength of feeling that jeans inspire in us. When we find the perfect pair we tend to stick with them. But wouldn’t it be great to have a more… open relationship? Choosing the right shapewear can help to give you flexibility with your choice of jeans, from your old faves to more experimental trends.

Jeans, of course, come in all shapes and sizes. So it follows that complementary shapewear will vary too. The secret to looking great in any shape of jeans is to pair the garment with the correct piece of shapewear. So a great place to start is with the cut of the jeans.

High Waisted

Waistlines have gone to extremes in the world of jeans. If you love a high waist or would love to give them a go, the key is tummy control. So look for a medium to firm supported corset or panty girdle that will nip in your waist and support your hips. This follows the line of the jeans so that you don’t experience bulging under the waistline.

Low Slung

Going the other way entirely is the return of the hipster jean. Low slung waists give a casual and chilled look but can be risky when paired with the wrong undergarment. Make sure that your control briefs shape the hips and thighs rather than the waist so that you don’t inadvertently flash your shapewear.

70’s Flares

The decade that boomerangs back with regularity, the flare is all about contrasting a hugging thigh with a wide ankle. So concentrate your control here with long leg shaping shorts that offer control and support right down your thighs. 


It’s clear that the skinny jean is here to stay as a classic cut that sits in most of our wardrobes. As these jeans hug your whole leg, the thing you need to focus on is controlling lumps and bumps. So either go for control knickers or briefs that just shape your tummy and hips, or a full tapered shapewear that will smooth any potential lumps. Strapped shapewear will sit more securely on your body so is also worth a look.


Surely these are the jeans that require no shapewear? A baggier number that you can hide in if you wish? This isn’t necessarily the case, since baggy jeans still need to fit and flatter your butt. So go for a brief that lifts and supports your backside and you’ll see the benefits in the hang of the fabric.

And Next…

Your search for the perfect jeans doesn’t end there, though. 

  • What are you pairing your jeans with? Tucked-in shirts are great to cover up your waist shaping.
  • Are you showing any flesh? If there’s any chance that you will flash your shapewear just make sure it’s black! It’ll look more intentional.
  • Are you dressing up or dressing down? The great thing about denim for a day or night outfit is that seams don’t matter! So this opens up your choice of shapewear and you can make control your priority.
  • How important is cleavage in your overall outfit? If your top needs a cleavage, go for a waist shaping corset that will support and lift you up top at the same time! 
  • How long are you going out for? Consider whether straps will make toilet trips awkward and choose your support accordingly! 

There’s a lot to think about! But once you have a comprehensive selection of plus size shapewear as part of your wardrobe, these decisions become so much easier. So when it comes to choosing jeans, why not allow your shapewear to help you to become a bit more… promiscuous?! 

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