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Underwired or Non Wired – Which Bra Should You Choose?

Once we’re through the teenage training bra phase, we’re faced with a multitude of choices, with rows and rows of bras on offer of all shapes, colours and sizes. This makes buying a bra – whether online or in store – anything but straightforward. How many of us have stared on in bewilderment, wondering where to start? When it comes to bra styles there are many options available, but one of the most important questions you should be asking yourself: should I buy an underwired or non-wired bra?

To help you make the decision, here are some things you need to know:

The case for underwired bras

These bras have a wire that runs under the cup, providing ultimate support and lift for your boobs. Underwired bras are the most popular choice out there and there are a wide array of styles, fabrics and colours to choose from.

Given the help the wire gives to the shape of breasts, if you’re above a size D this is probably the best choice for you. Today’s flexible wire make these bras incredibly comfortable and good for all-day wear. However, underwired bras do have some drawbacks:

  • They can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time
  • They don’t tend to suit smaller-busted ladies
  • They can’t be worn after surgery
  • They shouldn’t be worn by teenagers or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If too tight, the close-fitting wire can prevent lymph drainage and be uncomfortable for people with underlying medical conditions such as gastritis and fibromyalgia.
  • Despite the lift they provide, they can contribute to sagging, as they restrict natural movement

To ensure the most comfortable fit for your underwired bra, make sure the wire runs behind and below the breast tissue. It should sit against your rib cage, not dig into it or sit on top of any breast issue.

The case for non wired bras

Non wired bras are less structured and usually made from soft cotton, so they’re softer on the breast and more comfortable than wired bras. They’re the best option if you’re concerned about breast health and are recommended for women recovering from surgery. In addition, experts advise that non-wired bras should be worn by teenagers and by women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as they allow the breast tissue to develop properly.

As well as protecting and benefitting breast tissue, non-wired bras can also confer long-term benefits. By allowing more natural movement of the breasts, there’s more muscle and tissue strengthening going on, preventing sagging as we age. However, once again, these bras do have drawbacks:

  • They don’t provide great lift or support, so tend to suit smaller-busted women
  • As there’s no wire to separate the cups, they can create a ‘mono boob’ on larger busted ladies
  • Choice of colours and styles tends to be limited
  • Over time, they will lose shape faster than wired bras so will need replacing more often

So there you have it, hopefully this post will help you make that all-important decision when next bra shopping. Whichever option you choose, make sure of one thing. Get properly measured and order the right size. Wearing the wrong size bra – whether underwired or non wired – can not only be really annoying and uncomfortable, requiring constant adjustment, but also aesthetically look terrible under clothing, giving you a less-than-perfect shape. Additionally, by not supporting the weight of your breasts properly, you can end up with back problems or exacerbate underlying health problems.

Here at Elle Courbee, we stock an amazing range of plus size bras, underwired and non wired, with comprehensive size guides to help you select the right size, so start browsing today!

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