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5 Ways to Stop Your Shapewear Rolling Down

No one chooses their shapewear with the intent of fiddling and hitching their clothes around all evening. When you leave the house feeling slinky and sparkly, the very least you should expect is for your vision of the perfect silhouette not to be dashed within the hour. 

Yes, we’re talking about the very real challenge of rolldown (and rollup to be super specific). From corset to panty girdle, shaping skirt to shaping shorts, you can’t escape the issue of the roll! Most of us have experienced it in one form or another and it can ruin your day or night. Shapewear is supposed to be all about confidence, so follow these five handy tips to banish rolldown for good!

1. Buy Wisely 

Your fight against rolling and slipping shapewear begins even before you have chosen your item. Shopping with a high quality and reliable supplier is part of the process here. If you’re buying online, ensure that the returns policy suits your needs. Especially if you intend to buy a couple of sizes to try.

More importantly, though, be honest with yourself. Many shoppers are inclined to size down when they shop for shapewear thinking that it will be extra effective, but this tends to have the opposite effect. An undersized item is more inclined to roll. In addition, it will not only create unsightly bumps, but also highlight every bump that it has created. Getting properly measured and ordering your correct size will ensure a great fit, solving most problems before they arise!

2. All in the Timing

Whether you’re wearing your shaping foundation day to day or for a night out, it’s likely to be the first thing you put on after having a shower. So our advice is don’t rush it! There’s no point in hopping straight from the shower into a girdle as even the slightest dampness to the skin will create all sorts of rolling issues. Your skin needs to be truly dry to naturally secure your shapewear.

3. Tucking, Sticking and Folding

For under bust corset-style tummy control, use your bra as an anti-roll tool! By layering your shapewear with other elements of underwear, your complete ensemble will build a fabulously uninterrupted silhouette.

Perhaps you want that little bit of extra security. Or maybe you’re dressing for a special event that is already making you anxious before you even start thinking about your outfit. These times can require getting sticky! Dressing tape is a great piece of kit to have in your wardrobe to ensure that no part of your underwear rolls. Some shapewear will also come with its own grip strip.

Using a fold of the leg, waistband or bustline can secure your shapewear in place. We’d advise thinking carefully before going for this option, as it can create lumps and bumps. So only do this if your outfit allows.

4. Anchorage

Sometimes a tuck doesn’t quite cut it. You’re moving around all day and with this comes some movement to your clothes that render tucking redundant. In order to secure your shapewear in place, you can purchase hooks that attach girdles and control briefs to your bra. Alternatively, look for shapewear that hooks itself. Control slips with straps are a great solution and will give your little black dress a massive wow factor that won’t change no matter how long you spend on the dance floor!

5. Perfect Partners

Your adventure in non-rolling shapewear will be complete when you hone the skill of pairing the correct foundation garment with your chosen outfit. Straps or strapless, dress line or waistband, skirt or trouser, slinky or empire line, you need undergarments to match. So having a good stock of shapewear, from control briefs to corsets to strapped shaping slips, will stand you in good stead.

A wardrobe box of tricks is vital for all of us, let’s face it. However, the very best way to avoid roll down is to seek out high quality and an accurate fit in your initial purchase. As the range of plus size shapewear at Elle Courbee is designed for real women and real shapes, it’s easier for you to locate the perfect fit so that rolldown is not an issue in the first place. And with a fitting guide that’s comprehensive and realistic, buying online couldn’t be more straightforward. 

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