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What are the key health and fitness trends for 2019?

The New Year, for many of us, is a time for reflection, an opportunity to start a fresh chapter and set ourselves new goals for the year ahead. You may have over-indulged during the festive period and perhaps your health has been put on the back burner. With a packed schedule full of parties, family gatherings and school concerts it’s hardly surprising that most of us struggle to find time for ourselves – let alone even think about going to the gym or tearing ourselves away from the warmth of our cosy spot near the fireplace.

While we don’t necessarily agree with New Year’s resolutions, we do believe that now’s the perfect opportunity to hit the reset button and create new habits that will motivate us to make health a priority for 2019. Whether it’s drinking more water, enjoying a balanced and healthy diet or perhaps trying something new to help us improve our personal fitness levels, we can all make small changes that will create a ripple effect for our overall wellbeing. It’s not even necessarily about losing weight, it’s about being the in the best shape – mentally as well as physically.

Here’s a list of the key fitness trends that will be dominating the fitness industry this year:

Work/Life Balance

With our careers taking up much of our time, many organisations are now offering subsidised memberships to local gyms for their workers or alternatively providing on-site gyms for workers to use outside of office hours. This trend is particularly popular in the UK with larger businesses. Gyms are also offering 24/7 access to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage our hectic schedules side-by-side.

Fitness Apps

From holographic trainers that users can project in a gym, to workout gamification such as Pokemon Go and Creepy Zombies, augmented reality is having a big moment. It’s hardly surprising then that businesses and individuals are beginning to tap into technology such as smart phones, since many of us spend a large proportion of our day on them.

Mental Wellbeing

Last year saw many famous faces, such as Prince William, launching social platforms like Heads Together to help address the issues surrounding the stigma behind mental health. Coupled with influencers and celebrities speaking out, 2019 will continue to address the importance of our individual mental wellbeing. Apps focusing on the benefits of meditation and yoga as well as sleep trackers that monitor how we sleep will also increase in popularity.

Fitness Festivals

We’ve seen a massive renaissance in the world of Festivals in recent years that combine music and food and 2019 is set to see the rise of yet another genre, the Fitness Festival. If you’re interested, check out LoveFit 2019, a boutique music and fitness fest that takes place in July. A range of events are on offer, including a Forest Gym, classes such as hot yoga, hot tubs for relaxation, as well as fruity cocktails, vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free food, talks, challenges and live music, helping to reshape the festival industry.

Treadmills Trending

Whilst the treadmill isn’t unique in its own right, 2019 will see them making a comeback within the industry. However, rather than an individual form of exercise, they’ll be used for group fitness workouts. Also look out for innovative companies such as Peloton, who offer a live exercise bike class experience from the comfort of your own home for just £40 a month (although you’ll have to purchase the bike!)

Doctors on Demand

Hectic lifestyles, advances in technology and knowledge from health experts have naturally caused us to seek out convenient, fast and reliable options when it comes to our health. Sadly, many GPs are unable to meet our increasing needs. This is where private apps such as Babylon Health come in, as they are now offering video consultations and a prescription delivery service to your door.

Inclusive Sizing Active Wear

Mainstream brands are finally catering for all sizes and shapes when it comes to active wear and realising that a bigger dress size doesn’t mean unfit. We can be big, bold and beautiful and with Elle Courbee providing a wide range of plus size shapewear, you can look seamless post-workout too and own those gorgeous curves.

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