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Plus size control briefs

Control briefs or control slips – which should you wear?

Here at Elle Courbee, we’re all about the best plus size shapewear for you. But while we understand the plethora of products on the market, it can be a minefield if you’re new to buying shapewear and choosing the wrong piece can be a costly (if not uncomfortable) mistake. In this post, we’ll look at two of the most popular types of shapewear – control briefs and control slips – and compare and contrast when you should wear each.

Control Briefs

What’s great about briefs?

What’s not great about control briefs? They’re the one piece of shapewear that offers ultimate flexibility. Available in a variety of styles, from high waisted to thong, they’ll benefit your silhouette under any outfit and for any occasion. They’re a solid wardrobe essential offering daily confidence and helping you to feel like you can take on the world!

When are briefs best?

As briefs focus control on just the tummy area, they can sit best under a more structured outfit. When you wear trousers (either casual or formal), you have fewer options for extended shapewear such as a slip, so control briefs are a reliable essential. As they’re such a universal piece of shapewear, they can be relied upon for all-day use, whether you’re going to work or embarking on an epic weekend shopping expedition. 

What can go wrong?

With no anchor on your body, briefs can roll down. Depending on the garment, your control brief may end either at the waist or under the bust. Without extended control such as you find in shaping shorts or a slip, this can result in the formation of lumps and bumps under your outfit where the shapewear ends.

What can you do about it?

Again, the solution is mainly found in choosing a correctly sized item. Good quality control briefs will sit snug on your body without compressing too much. If you still worry about roll down, you can anchor the top of your control briefs to your bra. This provides that extra layer of security and, more importantly, confidence.

Control Slips

What’s great about a slip?

A control slip is essentially a short dress. It can be strapless or anchored over the shoulder, providing seamless control across your silhouette. Anchored slips can be open bust or bust covering, allowing you to wear your own bra and meaning that a variety of dress necklines can be accommodated. Additionally, as the control is anchored from your shoulders, there is no roll down from the top of the garment, and no lumps and bumps!

When is a slip best?

While control slips can be worn under tops and skirts, they work best under dresses. Luckily, we know you all love a frock. A control slip is a fantastic foundation garment for the spring/summer season. From sun dresses to maxi dresses, you can maintain your confidence all day long knowing that your silhouette will remain structured. It’s also a fantastic piece to sit under occasion wear, so think about wearing one for that awards dinner or wedding, where you have to feel at your most social.

What can go wrong?

It’s true that there’s no chance of roll down when you wear a control slip. However, the garment could experience some riding or rolling up, especially if you’re wearing the foundation piece all day, or if you’re planning on hitting the dance floor (when all that leaping around can put the slip under pressure).

What can you do about it?

Really, the best way to ensure that your slip stays put come hell or high water is to have bought a well fitting item in the first place. With quality products comes reliability. However, if you need that extra security for your peace of mind, fashion tape is a wonderful tool to have handy. If you’ve run out or need a quick fix, try spraying a thin layer of hairspray between your skin and the hem of the slip.


Ultimately, the choice that faces us as consumers is not either/or, it’s when and how to wear each. Both garments have a well-earned place in your collection of foundation layers. They suit different outfits and different occasions. The key to feeling your most confident is choosing the right piece for the right outfit, and wearing them properly.

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