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8 Plus Size Bloggers You Should Be Following

Life is complicated. And life as a woman is complicated. Moreover, life as a plus size woman is complicated. It’s clearly not just about size and shape, and it’s frustrating when this is what the mainstream media gets all hung up on. This is what makes blogging such a fantastic forum to share ideas, thoughts and experiences. Perhaps you’re searching for your next page-turning read, or maybe you’re looking for feedback on whether shaping shorts or a corset sit better under a little black dress. The plus size blogging community across the UK and internationally are an honest and thoughtful resource to look to when you need a bit of inspiration, reassurance or motivation.

So from shapewear to travel, body image to literature, you can be sure to find the voice of your tribe in our top eight list.

But why 8, you ask? Well, it’s such a lovely curvy number that it just seemed right!

1. Who?

U Can’t Wear That


Find London-based Lucia at  


From fashion tips to travel guides, makeup artist Lucia is informative, creative and practical. From the sensible to the kooky you can look to her for exciting ideas whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to give or the perfect trend to follow.

2. Who?

Becky Barnes Blog

Where? will take you straight to Becky.


Beginning as a fashion blog (and as a plus size model, it’s certainly advice you can trust), Becky now looks at lifestyle topics and opinion pieces. You can be sure to find honest and personal experiences here which are a great source of information and ideas. 

3. Who? 

Danielle Vanier


Click to get to Danielle’s homepage.


A very visual blog, with some beautiful insta images from which you can shop or just take inspiration. With fashion topics for real women (hacks-a go-go) and brutally honest discussions of mental and physical health, Danielle is a great role model.

4. Who?

Sugar Darling?


East Midlands located Nancy is here  


From city guides to beauty reviews, Nancy Whittington-Coates’ blog is a treasure trove of information. Her style extends way beyond the personal to take in domestic interiors and culture. If you’re going anywhere or doing anything in the Midlands, you need to stop here first!

5. Who?

Jelly With The Belly


Kelly Fletcher’s online home is


Often irreverent and chatty, Kelly is totally readable and always seems to approach topics with humour. But she doesn’t shy away from the serious issues and is not fashion heavy. Instead, literature, health, self image and personal story makes this blog something different. She’s also super supportive of her fellow PS bloggers, so is a great source to find more top people to follow.

6. Who?

Nerd About Town 


London’s Steph can be found here…


Cool and urban, Steph’s look is young and fresh. She looks at beauty issues not just for plus size but also for darker skin tones. With lifestyle commentary that takes in travel and mindfulness with a nod to the eco-aware, this blog has some great ideas for everyone.

7. Who?

The Smiling Sweetheart


Based in California, get to Mona online by clicking 


Self described as a “Muslim Egyptian Irish American blogger”, Mona’s heritage is enviably rich. She’ll offer her thoughts on music, coffee and striking style. She’s refreshingly frank and is concerned with success as well as image. 

8. Who?

Hanna Wears 


London based Hanna is originally from Finland but is online at 


Bringing fabulous Nordic spirit to combine with London attitude, Hanna’s outfits are stylish and accessible. She concentrates on fashion and beauty with shopping guides and restaurant reviews seamlessly integrated.

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