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Fireworks display on bonfire night

Top 10 Firework Displays For Bonfire Night 2018

Remember, remember!

The fifth of November,

The gunpowder treason and plot.

I know of no reason

Why the gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot!

It’s that time of year again, and already we’re seeing fireworks on display and sparklers ready to sell in shops. Once Halloween has passed, bonfire night becomes the next big thing to celebrate. But if you’re a bit bored of going to your local firework displays, then we have something special for you! We’ve done some digging, and we’ve rounded up our top 10 firework displays from around the country, to give you a taste of what you could be doing this year on the fifth of November.

Brockham Bonfire

A true ‘fun for all the family’ experience, the Brockham fireworks display has everything you need for a fantastic celebration. Full catering (including a hog roast and beer tent), a charity fair, children’s fancy dress competitions, a torchlight procession, massive bonfire and a spectacular fireworks display all make this an unforgettable event. Arrive early to see the torchlight procession and witness the locals decked out in their Guy Fawkes finest, parading through the village to light the enormous bonfire. Dating back some 141 years, this historic event has become one of the biggest fireworks displays in the country and typically raises over £20,000 for worthy causes, so come along and witness this gem of a display!

To find out more, visit their website.

Leeds Castle

The Leeds Castle fireworks display is a bit unique, and offers not only a family-friendly celebration but also a great night for the grownups! Start with afternoon tea to get you in the mood, before moving on to the main event – a fantastic, musical fireworks display, with projections onto the castle walls. Each year the event follows a theme and this year it’s ‘dancing’. With fairground rides, falconry displays and children’s play areas, it’s easy to see why this event is so attractive. This year’s funky theme will delight the whole family, so get your groove on and dance the night away as 25,000 starbursts fill the sky above you. Once the final Catherine wheels have whirled, you can head inside and warm yourself with winter Pimms and a luxury three-course meal in the Banqueting Hall. The evening ends with traditional tea and coffee in the drawing room before you retire for the night. If you’re looking for an elegant celebration, this is the one for you!

For more information, book here,

Lewes Bonfire Celebrations

The Lewes bonfire night celebration is still one of the most famous in all of the South East – and it’s not hard to see why. Not a place for half measures, the historical town takes Guy Fawkes celebrations to the extreme. With crowds of people gathered in the street, carrying burning torches and effigies, and dressed in almost pagan costumes, the atmosphere is absolutely electric. Along with their parades, the celebrations include marching bands, singing, dancing, costumes, plays and a spectacular fireworks display. It’s one of the biggest bonfire night celebrations of its kind left in the UK, and is definitely worth a visit if you want a memorable evening!

For more information, visit their website.

Kenilworth Castle Fireworks Gala

Kenilworth Castle has been associated with royalty, war and religion for centuries, making it a big attraction for history buffs. It also hosts one of the biggest bonfire night celebrations in the Midlands. Incredibly, the main firework display lasts for over half an hour, lighting up the sky behind the castle and turning it into a canvas of colour, all the while accompanied by some great music. With food and warming drinks available, it’s easy to understand the popularity of this event. Plus, every year all the money collected goes towards helping a local charity.

You can find out more about their colourful celebrations here.

Edgbaston Fireworks Display

Not to be outdone, Birmingham boasts a fantastic Guy Fawkes extravaganza every year, at the Edgbaston Fireworks Display. With an on-site fairground, face painting and special guest entertainers, this event is a real treat for the whole family. Finish the night off with a blinding firework display and go home with candy floss in your pocket.

To find out more, click here.

Midsummer Common, Cambridge

Cambridge is a beautiful, ancient city, filled with stunning architecture. And on the fifth of November, their annual fireworks display lights it all up in a fantastic pyrotechnic show, with around 1,200 fireworks, all choreographed to music. If you want to make a night of it, arrive early and visit the funfair, and carry a burning torch in the procession to light the bonfire.

Find out more about the Cambridge firework display here.

Wellington College

If you’re further South, Wellington College in Berkshire puts on a hell of a party. This fun-filled evening includes fire entertainers, bonfire lighting and an amazing firework display and is held in aid of local, national and international charities. Come along early and enjoy delicious food, glowing novelties, face painting and a charitable good time. This small town fireworks show is a firm family favourite and often sells out well in advance, so it’s worth booking ahead.

Find out more by clicking here.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

If you’ve seen and been enchanted by the Blackpool illuminations, then you’ll love their illuminating fireworks display. Blackpool Pleasure Beach opens late over several dates in the summer and autumn for visitors to enjoy extended ride times, and each date ends with a world-class fireworks display to light up Blackpool Beach. If you’re a rollercoaster fan who loves fireworks, this is the one for you.

Find out more here.

Legoland Fireworks Spectacular

For the ultimate family fireworks treat, there’s only one place to be … Legoland! Every year the family theme park puts on a series of firework displays guaranteed to make your eyes pop out of your head. This year, they’re hosted on the 20th, 21st, 26th and 27th of October and 2nd November, and they really bring the park to life after hours. For the best experience, book a stay in the resort and get into the swing of things with a full weekend break.

Find out more here.

The Lord Mayors Show, London

And of course, no list is complete without the Lord Mayor’s fireworks show in London. While not strictly linked to Guy Fawkes, this civic procession to swear in the Lord Mayor of London has been around for more than 800 years and has survived the Black Death and the London Blitz. It’s a grand, regal affair, mixing modern festivities with traditional pageantry. The more than half a million people that line the 3 mile route will witness a flotilla sailing up the Thames, followed by an elaborate procession throughout the streets of London – including military bands, street performers and some 140 floats. The capital also comes alive with funfairs, live music stages, art installations and the biggest fireworks display you’ve ever seen. If you can visit this event then you should, it’s definitely a bucket list item.

To find out more, click here.

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