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Plus size shapewear under party dress

Finding the best shapewear for your party dress!

Sit tight, we’re going in – Christmas party season starts here! It may even have already started for you. Get ready for a month of sparkly, fizzy and (hopefully) joyful functions. From the school Christmas concert to the festive friends reunion, there’s so much going on it can feel overwhelming. And the last thing you need is to be fretting over what to wear! Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re not about squeezing you into any old dress. Shapewear is about giving you the confidence and security to embark on this hectic season feeling (and looking) confident and fabulous. 

The key, then, is in the planning. Which in this case is choosing your foundation to suit your dress… 


Shapewear is key to carrying off a strapless gown. It’ll keep you secure in the dress and allow you to just enjoy the party. So go for a corset style, or high-waisted control brief with a strapless bra. A full corset will offer the most security under this cut of dress. However, by connecting your dress to your bra you can optimise stability. 


Far from hiding lumps and bumps, a floaty dress can actually highlight them, so to really enjoy this style it’s key to ensure a smooth silhouette. A bodysuit is ideal here as it is anchored from the shoulders which prevents any rolling of underwear. 


Depending on the fabric of your clingy dress of choice, it can actually help the maintenance of your line. Your main concern with a clingy or bodycon dress is to minimise any seams showing through from your underwear. Choose a smooth lined and seamless piece of shapewear, whether it be corset style, control brief or shaping slip.

Low Cut

A low cut dress can boast such a range of necklines that it is often sensible to go for an open bust style of corset or slip. This allows you to choose a bra that follows the line of that particular dress, or indeed leave the rest to the structure of the dress itself. Just make sure that you take precautions to anchor your bra to your dress or shapewear to avoid any slipping of the foundation layer.

High Rise

For shorter hemlines, stick to the brief! This keeps the control focussed on your waist and hip area and prevents parts of your shapewear being visible. Whether you want your shapewear control to reach just your waist or further to under your bust is simply down to what makes you most comfortable. 

Floor Skimming

Longer dresses mean that you should consider where the line of your shapewear ends. For this reason, it is often sensible to go for a shaping skirt or short which maintains structure down your thighs. In this instance just beware that your dress has no cut or slit as this can mean flashing your shapewear, which we know you want to avoid!

All of the Above…

No, we don’t mean in one dress! We know that some of you are social butterflies who have a diary bursting with engagements throughout the festive season. So, perhaps you are searching for that one piece of shapewear that will sit beautifully under a variety of dresses. After all, what you want to wear for the client Christmas dinner is unlikely to be the same as your choice for a festive girlie night out. One is strapless and floor-skimming while the other is floaty and flirty. 

But where’s best to make your investment? We’d say a semi-corset style tummy control brief or panty girdle. Maintaining the flexibility for you to choose your bra to suit the straps and neckline of the dress, these pieces keep structure from under bust to hip and will sit fabulously under any cut of frock. All that’s left is to decide on your shoes… Now THERE’s a dilemma!

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