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Plus size shapewear fix for muffin top

How to prevent the dreaded muffin top

Lumps and bumps. Every woman has them. Some we love, some we hate. Some are naturally there and some appear through the cut of our clothing. However, there’s one lumpy bit at which womankind unites in loathing and that is the muffin top. A muffin top is created by the waistline of any garment for your lower half, so that includes trousers, shorts, jeans and skirts. While we automatically assume that the waistband must be too tight, the presence of a spill of flesh doesn’t automatically mean that you’re wearing clothes that are too small. No matter what your dress size, anyone can experience a muffin top. As well as various fashion fixes, it’s important to take the right steps under your clothes and select the correct plus size shapewear to prevent those pesky muffin top moments.

For essential coverage…

Control briefs are a fantastic every day solution for those habitual jeans wearers amongst us. There are multiple waist heights available, including those that reach just under the bust. This means that you can be confident you’ll avoid a muffin top whichever pair of jeans you pull on that morning, from hipster to high-waisted. The thing with jeans on a busy day is that the waistband moves around. As the brief will cinch your waist away from the band of the jeans, you’ll remain lump free no matter how busy your day gets.

For complete shape enhancement…

Of course, the classic muffin top is not just about that point where your middle meets your waistband. By taking steps to structure your entire core section, you’ll find that your shape is defined and even your posture enhanced. Avoiding a muffin top is simply an added advantage here. So why not go for corset style shapewear, as these items will elongate your middle section. You can choose a style that integrates breast support or one that comes under the bust to allow you to pair with a bra of your choice. 

For maximum stability…

If you worry about the endurability of your shapewear over the course of a day or evening, choose an item that anchors from the shoulders. A full slip or corselette provides underbust support and as the structure hangs from the shoulder straps, there’s no budging this piece of shapewear! When you consider teaming a garment with shoulder anchorage with a two piece, take a moment to think about practical things like toilet trips! This is why these pieces work best as a slip under a skirt rather than as a short-based foundation.  

To avoid moving the problem…

The biggest danger when using shapewear to prevent muffin top is that you’ll simply shift the problem to elsewhere on your body. Typically this could be the upper back, or the hips. So if this is a concern, look at pieces that provide extended support and lift. Go for a bodysuit which provides structure across your back to prevent a muffin top transforming into back cleavage. Or if you find that the lumps move south, avoid shapewear that stops at the hip. A long leg short will create a clean silhouette right down the line of your trousers or skirt. 

With the correct support, gone are the days where you rely on baggy tops to accommodate lumps around the waistline. A clingy top tucked into your jeans will look great layered over a bodysuit, and a lightweight floaty cami won’t catch on any bumps when it sits over high waisted control briefs. The only piece of advice you should stick to here is to keep your tops long – or layered – to avoid showing your shapewear. Once you have your foundation sorted, you’ll experience more freedom to dress your top half as you please. So go forth and enjoy!

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