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4 Key Fashion Trends You Should Know About For Autumn 2018

A chill is starting to sweep in on the wind, the leaves are starting to turn that stunning burnt orange, and Starbucks has started selling pumpkin spice everything. Yes, it’s safe to say that autumn is officially on the way! For a lot of people this is actually the best time of the year – the time of comfy wool cardigans, crunchy leaves, hot chocolates, Halloween and crackling fires. But it’s also a sign for a pretty major shift in the fashion industry, as the summer clothing lines disappear in favour of warmer styles. So, what should we be expecting to see on the rails this autumn, and what should we be ditching from last year’s collections?

Animal Print 

Forget the preconceptions you have about animal print being trashy, because they are coming back in a big way for autumn 2018! Zebra and leopard seem to be particular favourites this year, with designers like Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Balenciaga and Tom Ford all including it in their lines. Most seem to be pairing it with simple back accents to really make the prints pop, so this seems to be a popular option for anyone trying to rock the animal print this autumn. Leopard print coats and shoes will probably be the way this trend represents itself on the high street, but you might also find some snake, zebra, cheetah and crocodile patterns out there too. And while the neutral, natural tones are more prominent, you may spot some more wild and whacky colours out there too. And if you’re worried about the impact of all this fur print, don’t worry. Even the bigger names and major luxury houses are avoiding real fur looks, opting for faux fur alternatives to achieve their chic safari looks. Huh-roar!


This year’s biggest autumn trend is all about embracing your inner Shrek. No, don’t worry, it’s not all green and ogre-ish! Instead, layering and extreme layering are back in a big way.  After all, why choose one favourite coat for the new season when you could wear two, or three, or seven. That might seem like it’s going a bit far, but there were some adventurous combinations of blanket throws, puffa jackets, capes and waterproofs gracing the catwalks last month.  So instead of just snuggling up in one jumper this autumn, fashion designers are confident that you can achieve the same comfy and warm look with multiple layers. You could achieve this by fastening your scarf and trench coat together, or by matching a shirtdress with a pair of jeans, a blazer and an overcoat for an insanely elegant and smart day look. Ultimately, the more layers, the better!

Take The (1970’s) Biscuit

The 70’s seems to be the fashion decade that just won’t quit, making regular reappearances throughout fashion history. This autumn, it’s all about that sepia-toned retro feel. Like a biscuit just dunked in steaming tea. From Fendi’s beige and chocolate monogrammed clothes and accessories to Chloe’s ‘ode to everything brown’, which incorporated every shade of brown possible in one outfit, brown is definitely now in top spot as ‘the new black’ So whether you’re going smart, casual, uptown girl or slouchy Sunday, it has to be caramel, tan, toffee, tobacco… or basically any variation on the colour caramel.

Revenge Of The Shiny Crystals 

One of the biggest summer trends was undoubtedly glitz and glam, from glitter to crystals and everything in-between that gave off a nice shine. And it looks like autumn is going to be no different. Helping us to channel our inner magpie, the coolest designers and brands are incorporating crystals and fake diamonds into everything, from sunglasses and earrings to hair clips and even boots. From trainers with giant jewels to gleaming barrettes, there’s a crystal item to suit every taste. So this autumn, expect shops and jewellery departments across the world to be dripping in (faux) diamonds.

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